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StoryLink in action for Adobe InDesign (Windows and Mac platform):
StoryLink is an application that connects the SQL database of articles and photos, and through Adobe InDesign allows graphic editors to connect content with the elements on the page. StoryLink manage content, and all the elements on the page (articles, pictures, info box, as additional files: excel, word, ads) using superior layout capabilities in Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy application.

StoryLink's primary use is:

  • Connections for all elements on page (article, media, infobox, tables)
  • Complete control over page graphic Layout
  • Automatic positioning and downloading Ads directly from the database without the intervention of graphic editors
  • Creating page elements (library elements) in InDesign
  • Creating predefined Templates with exactly number of articles and character number
  • Ordering articles for journalists by creating space on the page with the necessary number of characters
  • Changing the status of page, printing control, the final output in PDF format and resolution (naming convention) to the demands of print house
  • Live Preflight for missing glyphs, overset text, missing links, picture with low resolution
  • Media Processor for automatic image processing in Adobe photoshop

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