Features Events module

Events module enables working with different kind of events and their export for the print or the web.

  • Events input through web interface
  • Unlimited category/subcategory settings
  • Event Locations organized with map info for better web integration and search
  • Single point of entry - export to web and print
  • One click InDesign insert with ready-made Event images
  • A single event can be edited, deleted or downloaded in XML file to the local computer using this list
  • Location of the event previously defined through the Settings / Location
  • Link to the page of the event, online ticketsale, Facebook link, Twitter...
  • Publishing Dates Management - defining date of publishing the events on the web and the printed edition
  • Defining the groups of events depending on wanted search in the list of events (e.g. sales, free, mandatory, paid...)
  • Use formats to define which elements within the event you want to show, and what they will look like after publishing in print or web edition
  • The list of clients whose events are being announced, it contains basic information on company


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