StoryEditor Editorial System

StoryEditor Editorial System is a complete server and client side system for all types of editorials. It is a Content Management System which merge database of articles, media content, page planing and ads management with Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy applications through StoryLink client application. It allows clients an on-line creation of page plans through web interface, smart content control with spell check, media archive.

Why StoryEditor Editorial System?

  • Covers the full functionalities of newspaper editorial board
  • Easy-to-use comprehensive DTP solution
  • Production of the printed content (newspapers, magazines, ads, but not books)
  • Single insertion point of the content on printed or internet media (output channels)
  • Uses the world standard for page layout - Adobe InDesign
  • Provides workflow where multiple users can simultaneously work on one story
  • Consists of 2 parts: StoryEditor (web application) & StoryLink (client application that controls Adobe InDesign, InCopy and Photoshop)

Collecting, preparing and distributing information through StoryEditor system is done through a clear and simple interface. StoryEditor allows you to focus on the job, without losing time on unnecessary activities. As editor of the team, you have a view over the entire project - who, what and how much working, and all phases of work are exposed to you visually in clear way trough web.

StoryEditor reduces the time from planning pages to sending the final PDF pages in the print. The time of page Layout is reduced by more than 70%. StoryLink server allows automatically page Layout across template pages (template driven system) so that we eventually need to complete only the final control.

StoryEditor Digital Experience



StoryLink Features

StoryLink in action for Adobe InDesign (Windows and Mac platform):
StoryLink is an application that connects the SQL database of articles and photos, and through Adobe InDesign allows graphic editors to connect content with the elements on the page. StoryLink manage content, and all the elements on the page (articles, pictures, info box, as additional files: excel, word, ads) using superior layout capabilities in Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy application.

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StoryEditor features

StoryEditor editorial system continues the chain of impressive, revolutionary, yet functional modules. It combines incredible styling with refined and powerful code to help your newspaper achieve its maximum potential. StoryEditor is the product of many journalists and editors who helped us make it even easier and better.

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