StoryEditor Editorial System

StoryEditor Editorial Systems (SE) and StoryEditor Digital Experience (SEDeX) together constitute an editorial system for integrated management of the production and distribution of print and on-line media content, as well as for the management of any front-end solution of website content management system (CMS). This offer includes a comprehensive editorial system solution and a bridge component that is used to manage the front-end CMS directly from the StoryEditor



StoryLink Features

StoryLink in action for Adobe InDesign (Windows and Mac platform):
StoryLink is an application that connects the SQL database of articles and photos, and through Adobe InDesign allows graphic editors to connect content with the elements on the page. StoryLink manage content, and all the elements on the page (articles, pictures, info box, as additional files: excel, word, ads) using superior layout capabilities in Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy application.

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StoryEditor features

StoryEditor Editorial System is a complete server and client-side system for all types of editorials. As a fully Integrated Content Management System it merge database of articles, media content, page planning and ads management with Adobe (InDesign, InCopy and Photoshop) applications through StoryLink client application. StoryEditor allows media professionals an intuitive and fast on-line creation of page plans through web interface, smart content control with spell check and media archive. The idea behind StoryEditor - content first - makes the system fully integrated, web-based production system that offers interfaces to all areas relevant to contemporary print and online publishing:

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